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Default Re: Nets 7-game winning streak ends in Atlanta

Originally Posted by It's A VC3!!!
Losing by 14 to Atlanta without Josh Smith still haunts me ever so slightly. A win tomorrow will fix that but I am still going to harp on our defense. The Nets are giving up the third worst opponent field goal percentage in the league at 0.463%. It trouble me to sound so negative but allowing near 50% opposition shooting is just not acceptable. We have a great mix of veterans on our team. How in the world can they not understand scouting reports and defensive assignments?

And this is the fourth time that the Nets have been down by 25 in a game this season. Once to Miami, Spurs, Bucks, and now the Hawks. The Nets can't let winning against shit teams mask their problems and say "everything is ok". A team of our talent should not be down by 25 so often.

Like kiddlovesnets said, I feel that our losing streak will begin very shortly and knock us out of the playoff seeding.

I don't think we'll get knocked out but we might slip a few spots down. We don't have anything to worry about IMO. I blame last nights loss on the back to back we had. Deron and Joe both played 40+ minutes in the Raptors game and 35 and 41 minutes respectively last night. You could see in their shooting that they were tired. I expect a win tomorrow at home. I feel like Joe really wanted this win, I see him coming out with a vengeance.
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