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Default Re: Start Earl Clark

I'll be fair and credit you here. You were the only one who thought this guy was going to make a pretty good impact for this team, and you were right. I'll give credit to where its due. Good call.

As far as starting, I am sure that all of us on here would agree that you start the person who plays hard and therefore produces the best of anyone else that are coming off the bench.

Here is a couple of problems with this though.

1) I don't feel as though Pau Gasol would stand for such a thing. He's been there longer than Earl Clark and has certainly accomplished much more in his career. To be honest with you, I consider Pau Gasol as our MVP of that second championship run. So I don't think he would stand for that, no matter how old he is. Thats why I believe trading him is something that HAS to be done, rather than it being only one of many options.

2) The second problem here is fire power. It was easy for D'Antoni to put Artest on the bench for a little and have him come off because he can be a "quick points" type of player. Pau Gasol on the other hand, is by no means in any sense of the word, a firepower type of guy. He gets most of his points from slow post ups, which have been limited for this team because we are currently a running team. He can sometimes hit the very lucky three point shot here and there, but it is not consistent to consider him a firepower player. He can't handle the ball better than a guard, therefore should not be someone who can create his own shot in a run n gun offense. Not only with this never fly with Pau, but in the end, even if he was okay with this, he would be much worse as a 6th man.

3) Earl Clark has become D'Antoni's new golden boy IMO. First he had Nash, then he had Jeremy Lin, and now he can probably safely add Earl Clark as his diamond in the rough so to speak. Dont worry kkinchen. If Earl Clark went back to the bench, I can probably bet you my life savings (about 200$) that Earl Clark would be in the rotation still, ahead of Ebanks, ahead of Morris, and Jamison, and those other guys. I also predict he will be solid now that he's sort of made a name for himself on this team, in this system.
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