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Default Re: Miami Heat - Overrated Pretenders?

Originally Posted by plowking
How about if Miami win any of those three games you stop posting here? Fair? Since they are sure losses and all.

Dont panic already dude, its not even over yet. Lettuce look at their schedule up to March 4th:

continued from the Toronto Loss(26-18 record):
Cha W(27-18)
Hou L(27-19)
LAC L(27-20)
LAL L(27-21)
POR W(28-21)
@ OKC L(28-22)
@ ATL L(28-23)
@ CHI L(28-24)
@ PHI W(29-24)
CLE W(30-24)
SAC W(31-24)
MEM L(31-25)
@ NY L(31-26)
@ MIN L(31-27)

So yeah, 31-27 at the beginning of March, where will they be ranked at Eastern Conference standing by then? Fortunately for them, their schedule after that Minny road game looks easy, so perhaps they will go on a short 4-5 games winning streak then?
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