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Default Regarding the Anderson Varejao trade:

As its important for the league to continue its known high standards of clean competitive fair play, especially since this trade involves the commish (me).

Anyways, so I sent out offers for Andy V few hours before the injury news broke out (owners that have receive email preference option on can confirm).

Even though the trade was accepted 6 hours or so after the injury was reported, I'm guessing TeamXFactor:Orealius was not aware of it (otherwise pretty certain he wouldn't have accepted it).

While I know most of you will think its tough luck and up to the owner to do homework before accepting trades, at the same time, I also have known quite a few people that are against trades such as these (although usually shorter time gap between the breaking news and the time of trade acceptance).

Therefore, to not just be as fair as possible, but also to reaffirm that there is nothing dirty going on, I will let the league voice their opinions on this - if six people or more (50% of the league) are against the trade, I have no issue with veto'ing the trade. I will keep the trade suspended for the next 36 hours (unless a majority decision is reached by then).

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