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Default Re: NFL MVP & DMVP Rankings.

Originally Posted by brandonislegend
Dude has MCL and ACL surgery less than a year ago and almost beat the rushing record of ALL TIME in a PASSING NFL league now compared to back then.

He also had way less carries than Eric Dickerson and if you look at Eric Dickersons offensive line they had 16 pro bowls between all of them, how many does Adrian Petersons offensive line have? 0.

People try to make it sound like it's harder to run the ball now. It's actually much easier. Back when Dickerson set the record teams hit during practice. Now they don't.

For all this talk about the "rules changes" making it easier to pass, the truth is it's even way easier to run the ball, and it's much easier to run it now as compared to previous eras, than it is easier to throw it now, as compared to previous eras.

Yes, some quarterbacks and one receiver put up some huge numbers now, but compare it to the running backs of today. Just about any half way decent back can get 1,000 yards now with their teams barely even trying to run the ball in many cases. It used to be fairly hard for a back to get 1,000 yards. Now, in all honesty, backs that are not even all that good can get it.

No one is even bringing that up. It's not that hard to rack up tons of yards running the ball now. Certainly, it's extremely easy as compared to when Dickerson set that record.

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