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Default Re: Week 17 Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
that everyone views wins and loses as a QB stat with the exception of Marino for some reason...

Only 1 losing season in his career. Went to a SB in his 2nd season. His defense and running game was generally somewhere in the 20s. Not that I rank QBs by wins and losses, but it's a part of it. I place much less value on it than a lot do. I don't know why you're saying "with the exception for Marino" for, though. Not winning a SB is always brought up when his name comes up. "...but, he didn't win a Super Bowl."

same should be done with QBs today IMO...I'm so sick of what seems to be 95% of NFL fans ranking QBs by wins and loses...there are 52 other fcking players on the team

Uh, isn't that why you rank Montana so highly?

first off Marino isn't in the GOAT disscussion at all...Montana, Peyton, Brady all >>> and a few others are arguable

The **** are you talking about? Of course Marino is in the discussion.
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