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Default Re: 3rd Annual ISH Money League

Splitting pots is very common in a poker tourny, should also be common in FF.

FF is exactly like poker...they are extremely similar...both are numbers games where you are just trying to get the odds in your favor, "get in with the best hand"...there is an eliment of skill and luck in both games, sometimes the best hand loses...

The only way to really know how you stack up in both games is by playing dozens upon dozens of doing that you WILL profit if you are intact better than field. Vegas only needs a 1% edge to make billions.

When Marlo said he was in 40+ leagues this year it made sense to me since he has a poker background...he knows its the only way to make sure he will profit and that bad luck will only cause minimal damage. A poker pro can easily lose ONE tourny, but he won't come out a loser if he plays in 100 tournies.
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