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Default ISHiots! How would you like to draft a nation-state?

That can be made possible here! For the low low price of your time you (yes you!) can draft your very own nation state!

Draft any previous and currently living human being, draft a country, and tell us how you think it would be set up. Dictator? Communism? Capitalism? Enlightened society? Religious or non-religious?

Here's how it was set up under Vapids system.. which is how I will run it also.

11 rounds. 10 people, 1 country.

Originally Posted by vapid
Welcome to another ISH Draft! As promised, this is the spiritual successor to the Political Powers Draft with a few twists. In this draft each contestant will choose a number of individuals to found their nation with an emphasis on structure and coherence.

Similar to the music draft, you can let your creative juices flow as to how you want to structure your government. Every single human being born is free to be chosen. So you can make a splintered country of competing cities ala Renaissance Italy, a propaganda filled dictatorship with a citizen body whipped into a fervor like WW2 Germany, or hippie colony of artists and philosophers. However, you must AT LEAST specify what type of government your nation-state will be using, as at the end of the draft you'll get an opportunity to explain how your nation would perform in the following criteria before I make a final ranking:

1. Creativity (Did you think outside the box?)
2. Citizen Happiness Index (Are your citizens satisfied?)
3. Defense (How will you survive around warmongering neighbors?)
4. Economy (Free market? Mercantilist? Centrally planned?)
5. Political Stability (Are your individuals backstabbers or team players?)
6. Human Rights (Self Explanatory)

You don't get anything for winning except respect from your peers and probably an easier chance in getting into the next draft.

ONE LAST TWIST: You can also draft ONE geographical country border to start your nation in based on current country locations with all the benefits or harms associated with them. The only thing that counts for these borders is the physical border and the natural resources within them. Everyone has equal population.

For instance: You can pick Nigeria and try to turn all that oil into something useful, or you can draft Russia for its large land mass and natural resources, but your hippie colony might freeze to death.

Overall just have fun and check the thread often, this stuff depends on everyone remaining active.

1. Anti Hero
2. ZeN
3. LamarOdom
4. embersyc
5. CeltsGarlic
6. TimmyD
7. Jailblazers7
8. BitchesLoveAnal
9. Knickballer

PHP Code:
1.1 Embersyc Thomas Jefferson
1.2 LO USA
1.3 ZeN Leonardo Da Vinci
1.4 CeltsG Russia
1.5 JB7 China
1.6 Anti Hero Australia
1.7 TimmyD
1.8 Knicksballer
1.9 Bla
1.10 Iamgine
2.1 Iamgine
2.2 Bla
2.3 Knicksballer
2.4 TimmyD
2.5 Anti Hero
2.6 JB7
2.7 CeltsG
2.8 ZeN
2.9 LO
2.10 Embersyc

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