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Default Re: Derrick Rose running.

Originally Posted by SevereUpInHere
How long did it take him to come back. There are obviously degrees of damage done too, anyone know about Rubios recovery time?

Shumpert is due back in January and is doing light cutting and jumping according to this. Shumpert did his not long after Rose from memory.

Peterson tore his acl AND mcl, and was playing full nfl games around 8 months after, playing at game speed, sprinting, jumping, cutting at full force, getting tackled, defenders going low on him, etc. He was doing full speed track work starting 6 months after his surgery this off-season. And he is having the best season of his career and one of the best seasons of all time for a running back, he is on track for 2000+ yards @ above 6 yards per carry, which is ludicrous.

Rose should be fine though, he is dedicated and has the best medical staff in the world. Probably resting in a hyperbaric, best rehab, supplements, etc. I think he can go harder than he is, he probably has a lot of people talking in his ear about how he should baby his knee, think of his long term career, that he's the future of the nba, etc.

*Edit* Actually Rose hasn't been out as long as I thought he was.

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