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Default Re: Has Chris Paul re-signed yet?

Originally Posted by colorz
Why would he leave? The Clippers have Blake/DJ locked up and they're only going to get better. He doesn't have to tire himself out during the regular season because of Bledsoe.

The Clippers are also in a conference where they realistically have a shot of getting to the finals every year. The East has Miami/New York and when Rose comes back, a very good Chicago team. The West is more of a tossup so if he stays in the West, he has a better chance of making the finals.

He also owns a huge house in Bel Air and LA's a great city. The only team I could see him leaving is if he goes to New York, but how could they possibly get him?

And to the guy who keeps saying Blake's declining has obviously not watched much of the Clippers this year. He's playing less minutes and his game is a lot smoother this year.

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