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Default Re: One of those days

So you guys think its a mental thing? That does make sense. Maybe I was focusing too much on the pain and not playing my game.

My knee was hurting so bad that I couldn't elevate on my jumpshot, blow past people on offense or even play good D. It started getting to my head so much that I couldn't even grasp the ball, and felt weak and helpless on the court.

I need to develop some type of Kobe mental toughness. He played with like 3 broken fingers so my small injury isn't anything.

All Im focused on right now is the next time I get back on the court im gunna be @ 100% and Im gunna destroy that kid, straight embarrass him.
He was talking so much shit and acting like he was mad good, I just cant wait.

You guys ever get extra motivation to go hard when your playing against someone you dont like?
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