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Default Re: watching mamba speak with SAS brought tears to my eyes

"watching mamba speak with SAS brought tears to my eyes "


"watching mamba speak with SAS gives me a raging hard on."

I bet 90% of Kobe stans aren't just fans of his game (if they were, then they would see the obvious flaws); many of them probably have an erotic fixation on the man .. and I quote a Kobe stan in a thread posted about a week ago:

"I have to admit it, Kobe is one of the better looking guys in the NBA; he has facial features that don't even resemble a man from african descent; it is so perfect; he almost looks like a pretty girl."

I kid you not. That is actually from a Kobe stan. He's not even talking about the man's skills or what he does on the court, he's basically talking about how hot he looks.

What a fruitball.

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