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Default Re: How is Tony Parker not the best PG in the game?

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Tony Parker isn't even really a PG. He's always been a SG that just guards the one, and gets labeled a PG. He's never even been used like a PG the whole time he's been with the Spurs.

Good point! People need to realize that many very talented players under 6'3 are really SG's skillset and mentality wise. Many of them are very capable of playing PG, but ultimately their skills or mentality are that of a SG. It's why Larry Brown moved AI to SG and played him with a bigger more physical PG who could guard SG's in Snow. SG's like MJ, Kobe, T Mac, and Wade are SG's but also have the skills to be PG's as well. It's the same thing for guys like Rose, Parker, and Russell. They just happen to be the size of most PG's and it can be more difficult to define smaller guards than bigger guards. I really think that if u have a bigger PG 6'4 and up who can free up guys like Westbrook, Parker, AI, Francis, etc. that it might be better to play them off the ball more often.
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