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Default Re: Chris Nolan / Zack Snyder "MAN OF STEEL"

Originally Posted by Graviton

I doubt Bruce actually survived. Do you guys actually think Batman would trust an autopilot with a nuclear weapon and the lives of everyone in Gotham? He was gonna sacrifice himself to save the city, that was foreshadowed with all the prior dialogue, "I haven't given them everything, not yet", "You either die a hero", etc. Batman was always destined to sacrifice himself for Gotham.

The 5 seconds, autopilot and the Italy scene were just for hope. That even in darkest days hoppe keeps us goin. But Alfred was imagining them, he said before that was his wish. A supposedly dead famous billionaire sitting at a crowded cafe would draw lot of attention.

u forgot the part at the end when fox finds out bruce had already fixed the autopilot
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