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Default Re: How is Tony Parker not the best PG in the game?

Originally Posted by ninephive
That's Tony's downfall...playing with those guys. Also doesn't help to be on one of the best passing teams in history...that means spreading out the assists so now you don't look like you're "running the show" like these other guys who operate in more stagnent offenses. If you're saying that Parker can't run a "show" that can't make it to the Finals as well, I would have to concede that. To put it this way, I don't think the Spurs get better if you replace Parker with Paul or Williams.

I've said Parker is a very good passer while being a GREAT scorer. I've said depending on the team Parker could be a better fit than Paul or D-Will. Parker is that great. But I still feel that Paul and Williams are more well balanced and great at the technical skills of PG AND alpha dog scoring.
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