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Default Re: The Lakers Are Looking For A Free Agent PG - They Should Sign Theo Papaloukas

Originally Posted by Grinder
It's not really a knock on Arkansas, but more because he tried to claim he lived in Europe and ends up being from a small town in Arkansas. He was apparently banned on some Spurs message board and the admin found out that his IP was from Arkansas and a similar thing happened here and he basically admitted that he lived in the US.

Dude shut the **** up.

This guy Grinder is actually GREEK, he is from GREECE, he speaks Greek, he reads Greek, and he writes in Greek.

He posts on a GREEK BASKETBALL WEBSITE called thrylos fans and uses the same username of Grinder there. He is one of the single biggest ****ing trolls alive. He PRETENDS to be American, and uses multiple different names, on multiple different sites. He uses alter egos on all of them, including at this site.

I can't believe how crazy and stupid this forum is. Looks like some people just can't contain themselves though. I think it's time that this shit got revealed to Jeff. Enough is enough.

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