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Default Re: Monta Ellis & Ilyasova for Gasol?

Lakers Receive: Ilyasova,Rip Hamilton,Bulls First Rounder,Beno Udrih (7.5 Mil Expirer) and Jimmy Butler.

Milwaukee Receive: Pau Gasol,Metta World Peace,Charlotte 1st Rounder Via Bulls

Bulls Receive: Monta Ellis

C: Dwight Howard/Jordan Hill
PF: Illyasova
SF: Jamison/Jimmy Butler
SG: Kobe Bryant/Rip Hamilton
PG: Steve Nash/Beno Udrih/Chris Duhon

What they get: Younger replacement for Pau with a lot of potential and willing to learn who can put up monster numbers on any given night. They get rid of MWP contract and get a 7.5 mil expirer at the point guard, And they solidify their bench with Rip Hamilton and Jimmy Butler.

C: Samuel Dalembert/Pryzbilla/Sanders
PF: Pau Gasol/Mbah a moute/Udoh
SF: Metta World Peace/Dunleavy
SG: Tobias Harris/Doron Lamb
PG: Brandon Jennings

What they get: Pau Gasol and Brandon Jennings duo will get them a spot in to the playoff in the east, 10 mil coming off they books next year to sign a good SG to add to the trio and resign Brandon Jennings.

C: Joakim Noah/Mohammed
PF: Carlos Boozer/Taj Gibson
SF: Luol Deng/Radmanovic
SG: Monta Ellis/Kirk Heinrich/Belinelli
PG: Derrick Rose/Nate Robinson/

What they get: The all-star SG and scorer they have so desperately needed in the past years to add motivation to Derrick Rose so he can come back stronger than before and light that fire for the Bulls to give that Championship push before Boozer gets amnestied next year.
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