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Default Re: Monta Ellis & Ilyasova for Gasol?

Originally Posted by Levity
gasol for ilyasova and one of harris/ dunleavy, and whatever else is needed to make contracts work

bucks: get a legit post scorer to compliment their perimeter chuckers.

lakers: get an underperforming 4, who with consistent minutes can be a big time contributor to LA and can help spread the floor for dwight. they also get a 3, whether it be harris or dunleavy, that fits perfect in MDA's system.

why would they want dunleavy? they at least have to be able to play some defense. you can't hide Nash, and Dunleavy and Jamison and Meeks...Even the Suns had good defenders at the wings in Bell and Johnson and Marion. You can't just put the worst defenders in the league on a team and expect them to be able to get stops in the last 3 minutes of close games in the playoffs.
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