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Default Re: Those Carter/Kidd/Jefferson Nets teams + Tyson Chandler

Originally Posted by The Nets
The nets lost 2-4 to the Spurs in 2003, it was much closer than anyone of you might think. The loss of Martin and Kittles is huge though, but adding Tyson Chandler and Vince Carter may as well replace that. Dont see it as a huge upgrade, so the chance is about the same as they actually did in 2003.

Yeah, and the refs didn't let Kenyon Martin couldn't touch Duncan. It was a bit unfair as in the East they let all the banging go on but totally pulled the carpet on KMart guarding Duncan. Tyson Chandler of today probably would have been able to get them over the hump. No way would Duncan been able to roam defensively as Chandler would have been dunking away on lobs. And Tim would have been more like 25 and 11 than the 28 and 15 guy he was which might have been enough for the two extra wins. Particularly if you are talking about VC instead of Kittles.
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