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Default Re: Dwight essentially states he will resign with LA

I can't be the only Laker fan that doesn't care if he resigns in LA or not?

We might lose out on probably the best Center in the game, but he hasn't exactly been dominating his competition and hasn't been the defensive captain we thought he would be.

Not only this, but Dwight simply doesn't have very good fundamentals. He is now 27 years old, and while that might still be young, his window is a lot smaller than one might think. His dominance comes from his strength and athleticism. Once he starts to decline athletically, we'll be in trouble.

People on the board have been blasting DWade for not having better fundamentals as a guard, and I'd have to say that Wade's fundamentals as a guard are lightyears above Dwight's as a Center.

Who would LA go after, after Kobe and Nash are gone? I really don't know and can't say currently. I just know that I don't think we should put so much hope behind a C with so many glaring weaknesses and with a huge possibility of a steep decline in productivity.
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