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Default Re: How is Tony Parker not the best PG in the game?

Originally Posted by 9512
Tony Parker's one of my favorite players but I have to admit playing with the Spurs with already established stars like Duncan made his transition to the NBA different from CP3.

CP3 was a lottery pick and already had higher expectations placed on him as a rookie.

Tony Parker did great his rookie year but any mistakes he does Duncan and other veterans pick up the slack.

Tony Parker and Rondo both were lucky to have been with great players their first 2 years in the league.
I've always said Tony Parker will never get more respect unless he went to a bottom feeder and stat-padded.

The guy has has as complete a game as any PG in the league (scoring, passing, can take over games, has a shot that is nearly unguardable in the floater, can finish at the rim as well as anyone, can hit game winners, is a good [yet underrated] defender, and now later in his career has improved his range significantly...add to that his resume of never missing the playoffs, 3 championships, being in the MVP discussion, continuing to lead his team to the best record in the league year after year, and even winning a Finals MVP in a sweep)...but like I said, it's always "diluted" because he has a great supporting cast & coach. This is why no matter how much team success he has (or even individual success for that matter), it will always be credited to his support (as some of it rightly should be).

His only chance of being regarded as the best is if he goes to a first-round exit team (or one that doesn't even make the playoffs) like Chris Paul and runs up stats at the expense of team success. I'm not saying Chris Paul should do anything different...I just don't think he's doing anything Parker couldn't do in his situation.

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