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Default Re: How is Tony Parker not the best PG in the game?

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
Paul is better than Parker and it's beyond obvious. There's no question. There's really no argument for Parker being better than Rondo either. The only argument against Nash is that he's a 39year old who hasn't made the playoffs the last two years...and he's not playing now. But those three should be considered the top 3. They are the three best PG's in the league.
Yep, it's beyond obvious that a player who's never been past the second round of the playoffs and has missed the playoffs several times in his short career is way better then a Finals-MVP, 3 time-champion, who has beat Chris Paul's team both times they've met in the playoffs, this past year in an EMBARRASSING sweep.

Like I always say, when Chris Paul or Steve Nash are coming to town (especially for the playoffs), it's a good thing in San Antonio, trust me.
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