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Default Re: Rank Kobe, Lebron, Melo, Durant offensively

Originally Posted by Micku
I guess I would just discuss the weakness of them all.



It's actually the weakness this year in terms of shooting. His 16-3pt ft area has been off. He has been shooting 38.7% there. While not bad, it hasn't been up to par to his other years. But his game tonight will change that. Either way, he virtually can hit anywhere from the floor.

Strength and post

His post game has improved from what I saw. But he takes a bunch of fadeaways from the post. He is not exactly strongest SF, and ppl who get physical on him could throw him off a bit. However, I think I read he is the most efficient in the post out of all of them. I guess the weakness is really strength of backing people down?

Everything else is great though. He is the most efficient scorer out of the bunch. Durant is also the best off the ball movement out of the bunch. His playmaking has improved.



He is weakness out of the bunch. He makes up for that by his shot selection and his mid-range game. He is also surprisingly having a career high at finishing at the rim with 69% which is probably why he is so efficient this year. Percentage wise, he is better at it than Durant.

Off ball movement

It is a bit off too. While in the past it isn't bad, but he perfers to do isos and take his man off the dribble than actually do catch and shoot or set himself up int he post. This has to do with the offensive change. But he always been that type of player that take his man off the dribble and iso. It seems like he needs the ball to be effective.

But really his only weakness is his athleticism. He has the best mid-range out of the group.



He sucks. In his career he has never been a great finisher, but this year he is shooting a career low at 53%. If he improves this area, he would be more efficient.

Overall, he has been shooting a career high with his mid-range game and long shooting. He is a natural born scorer, but I think he is overrated when ppl call him the best scorer in the game. But if he finish at the rim, then he would virtually have no weakness because he is the best jumpshooter out of the bunch this year. He also have the weakness playmaking ability out of the bunch.


Mid range

He is streaky and it kind'a sucks this year so far. His 16-3pt ft is only 36.6%. His 10-15 ft is only 38.1% Combination, it's not good. But his 3pt shot is great, go figure.

Off the ball

While he has improved a bit, his game just relies him to have the ball to be effective. He is the weakest out of the bunch.

He is by far the best finisher out of all of them. He is shooting 79.2% at the rim. He is the best at the open court, and the most athletic. His playmaking ability is the best of the them all too.

There are other weakness that you can probably mention about them too. But these players are the best scorers. If you want talk about offensive players, then the combination of scoring/playmaking ability and anything that will help the team would be more important. LeBron and Durant probably will be the best at it.
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