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Default Re: Can Stephen Curry make it to the all star game? Over Parker?

Originally Posted by bdreason
To be fair, the Rockets are the most marketed NBA team in China (Rockets owner even has his own corp. set-up in China I think), and Lin is the only Asian-American currently playing in the NBA. There is a reason they gave him that contract.

The rockets were most marketed team in China when Yao left, it is not. Heat has more Chinese commercial and endorsement.

When Lin got Linsanity, it was quite a controversial topic, as everyone know China mainstream media is government controlled. They were not sure to go all out to embrace him or not. After Taiwan Flag even appear in Wolves game, All the Religion talk, and during the interview at first he tried to speak Chinese then have to speak English coz he just cannot speak proper Mandarin outside household words. The mainstream Media goes cold on him.

Make no mistake, people love BBall knows him, he went to China for a tour but was received by small TV and internet channels. and speak at some locations. He is like a more attractive Wade status I would say, not Lebron, Definite not Kobe, people go nuts on Kobe. Casual fans and average Joe does not know who the **** is Lin, wont even touch Yao's shoe.

The rockets owner have business in China is non related. He has lots success with Yao and open a lot doors in China and he can make money there. But Lin will not be his bridge to China, I bet you 100% Yao still makes him more money than Lin now, and ever will be. base line people who do not follow BBall do not know who Lin is.

He gives Lin a contract thinking Lin can be the guy, but he is not. But to Les 25mil/3 year is nothing. I am not defending Lin saying he got the contract coz only solely Morey thinks his talent worth that much. I am just saying most people in China simply do not know who Lin is.
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