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Default Re: Millsap and Mo Williams etcs for Pau Gasol

Originally Posted by rhythmic †hesis
No, he's actually not.
He is a better fit on the Lakers. As players, Gasol is better at every-thing except mid-range shooting. A solid point guard like Navarro made Gasol a stud at the Olympics, can you people just wait till Nash returns?

I mean we have Morris, Duhon and Blake as backup point guards; none of them would see more then 3-4 minutes a game on most teams in this league. Pau has been under-utilized since 2011, when Bynum emerged and stayed relatively healthy.

I've already said I would love to get Millsap for Pau straight up, just because he'd be a perfect stretch 4 for the Lakers. But at the same time, MD was hired because of Nash. It's the only logical explanations, so lets be patient and see how the team does once everyone's healthy.
Its not 2009 anymore. Gasol´s game felt off big time. He is not even close to the player 2-3 years ago. I would take Millsap over Gasol easily right now.
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