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Default Re: Can Stephen Curry make it to the all star game? Over Parker?

Originally Posted by swi7ch
You're forgetting Lin. He will start for the West. I know you don't believe it but there are more Asians in this world than you can count who will vote for him.

Who are these Asian voters you speak of? Japanese? Korean, ASEAN countries? Indian? Middle East?

China? Lin is a freaking American born American, Dude cannot even speak Mandarin. Chinese biggest sports channel CCTV5 and yes only 1 like ESPN, there is no TNT, do not play Rockets game. its Lebron and Kobe all day. Plus whenever Lin plays there are Taiwan Flags all over places which are considered offensive to China.

Oh damn its Taiwan then, yes lots of them embrace him, but its a ****ing peanut compare to China. If Taiwan can vote Lin into all star then France definitely can put Parker over him.

People are so freaking cluelessly dumb. Oh Asian will vote Lin in, for what, I do not see Europe vote Love in as starter. If anything its the Asian in American vote for him.
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