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Default Re: ESPN: 12/12/12 - Spurs @ Jazz

Originally Posted by TMT
Personally I would have preferred Danny be all over him with 5 seconds left. Worst case scenario Mo sneaks around for a tough floater.

Hated our defense tonight.

Said Pop: "You got to make him drive with that amount of time. That's why we put a bigger guy on Mo at the end so he couldn't get a shot off. You don't step off Mo Williams. What do you think he's going to do with two seconds on the clock? Instead of getting into him, he backed off. Huge defensive error."

Looks like Pop and I are on the same page on this one. I'm sure Green got an earful in the lockerroom afterwards. Although Green couldn't see exactly where the clock was when Mo has the ball, I agree that he should have pressured the ball way more because it was obvious Mo was going to pull up for that same shot again.

Oh well, it'll be a learning experience for the young fella.
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