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Default Re: Beasley plays 10 minutes - Suns win vs. Memphis

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
Is it just me or was Gentry stupid to bench Scola? He started today. But prior to being benched he was playing great. He had like 3 great games and then he had a game where he scored 1 point and was sent to the bench. Seems stupid to me.
Gentry is an idiot. How many times has he gone to Jared F***ing Dudley for game winning/tying shots, despite Dudley missing these shots almost every single time? Don't think I've EVER seen Dudley hit a game winner, although I've seen him miss dozens of "potential" game winners. He's one of the most un-clutch players I've seen. Yet Gentry goes to him in the clutch almost every single time the game is close late in the 4th... Pisses me the f*** off. Learn from your damn mistakes, coach.
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