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Default Re: Rank Kobe, Lebron, Melo, Durant offensively

Originally Posted by Brick Rick
The ability to set others up, pass the ball, get assists and make your teammates better has more weight than any single criteria there. It's not like they're all equally worth a point and you add them up and whoever has the most wins you Kobe Stan.

Agreed. The title should be rank them in terms of SCORING, not offensively. If you take offense as a whole then I'd say Lebron and Durant are at the top. Lebron is by far the best of the four at playmaking and setting up his teammates, and playmaking is much more important than any of the other categories. Durant is better than all of the other three at free throw shooting and three point shooting. Mid-range is close with him and Kobe, I can't say who's better. Durant and Lebron are the best slashing, with Carmelo close behind. Kobe takes the post-up category handily.

Overall, I'd say Durant is the best scorer by a good margin. In terms of total OFFENSIVE ability, I'll give it to both Lebron and Durant. It's too close to call.
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