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Default Re: Rank Kobe, Lebron, Melo, Durant offensively

Originally Posted by G-Funk
Kobe has absolutly no weakness at all, dude can even split a double team and get a better look than Lebron.

Melo will just punish you on the post with his overwhelming strengh closest to Kobe as far as arsenal goes.

Durant has a lethal shot, but ge still lacks foot work and post moves and im not roo sure how well he candles double teams, what makes gim successfull is his height, he can get a shot off on most players.

Lebron is nice but not on the level of the top rhree

Durant gets double teamed on pretty much any shot that isnt a catch and shoot/curl. You complement Melo on how good he is in the post when the reality is he is shooting better outside than he is inside. And shooting worse inside compared to the other 3.

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