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Default Re: Rank Kobe, Lebron, Melo, Durant offensively

Originally Posted by 9erempiree

Let's breakdown the criteria you mentioned, in no particular order:

- Mid-range shooting: Kobe and Melo
- Long-range shooting: Durant and Kobe
- Slashing ability: Lebron and Durant
- Post moves: Kobe and Melo
- Off the ball movement: Kobe and Durant
- First step: Lebron and Durant
- Strength/Speed/Overall Athleticism: Kobe and Lebron
- Free throw shooting: Kobe and Durant
- Footwork: Kobe and Melo

7 categories that Kobe falls into and 5 categories Durant falls into. Makes my list pretty legit that was previously posted.

If you want to add playmaking, Lebron will be in the playmaking category and that is one category that doesn't offset his other deficiencies.

The ability to set others up, pass the ball, get assists and make your teammates better has more weight than any single criteria there. It's not like they're all equally worth a point and you add them up and whoever has the most wins you Kobe Stan.
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