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Default Re: Clippers hit longest win streak since moving to LA

Originally Posted by BEAST Griffin
My concern is that he'll be yet another perimeter option looking to get his. The game needs to go more to and through the inside because that's when the Clippers will start reaching their potential.

I was worried of that when we signed him... but last year he proved he was totally willing to defer and play the role of spot up shooter and creator. He occasionally forces it but not too bad. Just think about all the times Willie Green fumbles a pass into a turnover, gets blown by on defense, dribbles the ball off his foot, bricks wide open shot after shot etc and you'll feel better about Billups.

If Green isn't hitting 3's he's literally useless (similar to Foye last year but worse) but Billups even in a bad game always has some sort of good impact. Maybe playing good D, maybe calming the guys down and hitting a big shot.
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