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Default Re: Clippers hit longest win streak since moving to LA

Originally Posted by ClutchOver9000
lol...being a Knicks fan, my enthusiasm is always tempered but yea so far, we're looking good.

Still missing a couple of our biggest pieces (one of them is a big "?" as to how he'll fit in but I think he will) that should make this Knicks team that much more dangerous...

Trust me... it's different for you guys this time. I saw it last year for the Clips, seeing it this year for your Knicks. Even if you don't remain quite this dominant... Knicks are no doubt at least a contender going forward and give the Heat matchup issues which is good considering you have a good shot of getting there.

Biggest issue is what to do with 100 million dollar man Amare. I hope Knicks are shopping him.
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