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Default Rank Kobe, Lebron, Melo, Durant offensively

I think we can all unanimously agree Kobe, Lebron, Carmelo and Durant are currently the top 4 offensive players in the game. How would you rank them against each other when you consider all the relevant criteria as it pertains to offense:
- Mid-range shooting
- Long-range shooting
- Slashing ability
- Post moves
- Off the ball movement
- First step
- Strength/Speed/Overall Athleticism
- Free throw shooting
- Footwork

Here's how I rank them considering all the variables:

1) Durant - He's great at everything. I see no weaknesses in his offensive game other than his playmaking ability which wasn't taken into account in this ranking. It's not a landslide victory considering the strength of his competition, but he edges out Kobe by a kunt hair.

2) Kobe - Best footwork and mid-range out of the 4. His long range is just as good as Melo and Durant. Even in his prime, not as fast as Durant or as natural a scorer, but who is other than MJ? But it's so close, it might as well be 1A and 1B.

3) Carmelo - Natural born scorer. Can put the ball in the hoop in every which way. Mid-range, long-range, drive and absorb contact, post play, no weaknesses and in any other era that doesn't have MJ or Wilt he might be the league's best scorer but he's going up against Durant and Mamba, so I have him at 3.

4) Lebron- I'm not taking into consideration passing ability otherwise I would rank Lebron higher as he's a better playmaker than the other 3. Although his shooting has improved, it's not as consistent and buttery smooth as the others and his footwork and off the ball play still leaves something to be desired. The post work is still somewhat raw too. Still, a great scorer, one of the best of all time, but not the best of the bunch here. The strongest and most athletic in the group though and in the open court there is nobody better.
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