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Default Re: Clippers hit longest win streak since moving to LA

Originally Posted by ClutchOver9000
Clippers are so loaded man...

And if VDN really is holding this team back, then how crazy must their potential be? They're already playing like an elite squad...

Vinny has done "okay" for most of the season. Not worth bringing back IMO but also not fire worthy. Still every few games I'm yelling at the TV wondering WTF he's doing. His rotations are the biggest problem. He will rest Blake and CP3 a full quarter when they dominated early and the game is close for example. Or will play Bledsoe 5 minutes in which he has 8 points, 2 steals, 3 rebounds etc then bench him for two straight quarters even when CP3 isn't playing well. Weird shit like that.

Billups+Hill healthy and a good coach and no telling how much better this team could be right now.
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