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Default Since kobe is still in his prime

Why do people think he only has two years left?

Kobe cant retire until he meets the miami heat in the nba finals and dunks all over lebrons head and wins the title.

Think about it tho. Wouldnt that be the perfect way to leave the game?

Beat tim duncan and the spurs in the second round. Remember those old spurs lakers playoff duels?

Beat kevin durant and russell westbrook in wcf. Remember a few years wen the lakers knocked the thunder out in the first round but every since that the thunder have owned the lakers and its a new school old school type of feel.

Then in the nba finals we get wat we as nba fans have been waiting for since 2006 or 2007. A lebron kobe showdown to the death. Zen master vs the leader of a new school. The black mamba versus king james. Kobe beats the heat in the finals.

What better way to walk off in the sunset?
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