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Default Re: Lay off EuroLeague for a bit.

Originally Posted by Euroleague
What's not to like about me?

I think it's how you exaggerate spread lies and misinformation to people who don't do the research. A perfect perfect example is when some role player or scrub from the NBA goes over and does well in Euroleague league and you respond by posting his Euroleague numbers showing how they are not that great but without explaining that all stats in Euroleague are less than NBA stats.

Or how you say that there are many examples of Euroleague scrubs and wash-ups who are successful in the NBA but in reality 99% of those players actually had better or at the very least comprable stats in Europe, like Prigioni.

Or how you said time and time again that players like Rubio and Childress were some of the worst players EVER in Euroleague until you finally had to admit that they actually had some good aspects to their game and at the very worst were average Euroleague players.

So it's just that continuous spreading of lies and exaggeration, combined with your wild conspiracy theories and insults and derogatory language for people who call you out on your lies.
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