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Default Re: Those Carter/Kidd/Jefferson Nets teams + Tyson Chandler

Originally Posted by gigantes
i just explained why VC wasn't a good fit. really nothing else to say.

and VC and kidd may have been the 'best' backcourt for awhile, but that doesn't mean it made for the best team. really nothing else to say. you either get this or you don't, i guess.

Yes, it was already explained why it didn't make for the best team (no frontcourt), which is the whole point of the threadmaker saying "what if they added Tyson Chandler?" Those Finals Nets team were entertaining, and played with heart, but they were a fastbreak team who's best closer was probably kidd. That's not a recipe for championship success where halfcourt offense and having guys that can create offense when the game slows down is at a premium.

Adding Vince gave them a player capable of getting buckets when the game slowed down, but their big men were abysmal. Their best frontcourt players during that time were Krstic, Mikki Moore and oooooold ass Uncle Cliffy, and they had to match up against Shaq. It was a testament to how good Kidd & Carter were that they were even remotely competitive.
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