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Default Re: Those Carter/Kidd/Jefferson Nets teams + Tyson Chandler

Originally Posted by The Nets
VC is still an upgrade over Kittles thats for sure, the problem is that we lost both Martin and Kittles but only got one VC. The Nets front-court was among the worst in the league at that time, even with a VC-Kidd backcourt and Jefferson at SF it aint gonna help. Well if Kristic did not get injured in 07 things could have turned out a bit different, but its too late to talk about this now.
nah, i disagree. kittles was never a name player, but he was a tremendous, long-armed defender that covered the fast PG's for kidd, created havoc on defense, helped ignite the fastbreak, and then was superb at finishing as kidd lead the break. not flashy or amazing like VC, but he created many easier buckets for himself and others than VC ever did.

VC was a semi-interested defender, didn't like to run much, and tended to stall the whole offense. his presence completely changed what the nets' approach was and we found out how that worked in the end.

and re: kmart and kittles,
we got as much as we could for them. it was actually a miracle that we got as much as we did. kmart's knees were completely shot and kittles back was finished. nothing to do with the front office. simple nature and reality.
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