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Default Re: Those Carter/Kidd/Jefferson Nets teams + Tyson Chandler

Originally Posted by gigantes
no way. kittles and kmart were playing at the absolute peak on both ends of the floor, making good things happen all over the place and fitting in superbly with the program.

vince never did fit in to the nets champion running games, which immediately took away some of the huge impact that kidd made in 02 and 03. he just wasn't that great of a fit for the nets.

VC is still an upgrade over Kittles thats for sure, the problem is that we lost both Martin and Kittles but only got one VC. The Nets front-court was among the worst in the league at that time, even with a VC-Kidd backcourt and Jefferson at SF it aint gonna help. Well if Kristic did not get injured in 07 things could have turned out a bit different, but its too late to talk about this now.
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