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Default Re: Dwight essentially states he will resign with LA

Originally Posted by outbreak
Saying "I know" does not mean the lakers. If he knew for sure it was the lakers he would come out and say the lakers and get fans more on his side. Dwight saying "I know" with no details seems like he's just buying time and still thinking or considering another location that he originally wanted when he was leaving orlando. This is dwight your dealing with. He can flat out state things in interviews (which he didn't even do here) and then say the complete opposite in a week. Nothing that comes out of his mouth should be taken as what he will actually do. Personally I think he stays in LA but don't read too far into anything he says until he actually signs

He cannot say it even if it was the Lakers because it is against the nba rules. He already is under a previous contract, and he wants to become a free-agent. He can't say RIGHT NOW who he is going to sign with AFTER he becomes a free-agent, even if he will stay with the Lakers.

Remember, he wants to sign for more money and more years with a brand new deal. He does not want a contract extension for less money and less years. Due to that, he has to make it seem as if he is keeping his options open.

Otherwise, the NBA can say he is not allowed to re-sign with the Lakers as a free-agent (if other owners complain). I'm sure his agent made that clear to Howard. Howard is not an idiot.
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