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Default Re: OGT: Dec 12 Brooklyn Nets (11-9) vs Toronto Raptors (4-18)

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
I'd shorten that to just Valanciunas and Ed Davis. And Davis is no lock either.

Lowry is going to be at his peak soon and requiring a big contract. He's very good but he might be more valuable as a trade asset than a player to a rebuilding (what the Raptors should be doing) team. The Raptors likely will not be a good team during any of Lowry's best seasons.

Derozan isn't good enough to justify the contract he got. His improvement over 3+ years now has been minimal. I'd be looking to dump that contract.

Ross was a reach to begin with and hasn't shown anything. But as long as he's on his rookie deal you're in no rush to trade him.

I'm gonna say it, and I know it's not the popular opinion:

I've been thoroughly unimpressed with Lowry's play this year. Injuries play a part of that, for sure... but a guy can only impact a team if he's playing.
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