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Default Re: OGT: Dec 12 Brooklyn Nets (11-9) vs Toronto Raptors (4-18)

Originally Posted by KG215
Would Colangelo not let that happen? Would he go to that extent and micromanage Casey?

Because his ego won't let him. He really still feels the needs to prove that picking Bargs as his #1 pick still could have a lot value for this team, but deep down he know he's wrong.

He know he messed up in that draft, but will continue to give Bargs more opportunities. And yes, Casey is really his puppet.

Originally Posted by Bcogswell
I agree, his overall game has improved as seen from his increase in rebounding numbers and his improved ability to pass off his drive / out of the double team. He would be averaging a few more assists a game if we had people that knocked down their shots.

I agree.
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