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Default Re: OGT: Dec 12 Brooklyn Nets (11-9) vs Toronto Raptors (4-18)

Originally Posted by KG215
Kyle Lowry, Valanciunas, Ed Davis, DeRozan (maybe?), and Terrence Ross should be "the future." If that's the case, though, they need to get some shooters or trade DeRozan for a SG/SF who can shoot the three ball.
I'd shorten that to just Valanciunas and Ed Davis. And Davis is no lock either.

Lowry is going to be at his peak soon and requiring a big contract. He's very good but he might be more valuable as a trade asset than a player to a rebuilding (what the Raptors should be doing) team. The Raptors likely will not be a good team during any of Lowry's best seasons.

Derozan isn't good enough to justify the contract he got. His improvement over 3+ years now has been minimal. I'd be looking to dump that contract.

Ross was a reach to begin with and hasn't shown anything. But as long as he's on his rookie deal you're in no rush to trade him.
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