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Default Re: The Lakers Are Looking For A Free Agent PG - They Should Sign Theo Papaloukas

Originally Posted by Euroleague
You are absolutely insane. It turns out that you are actually 100 times a bigger troll than gabepizza.............

It's even beyond pathetic, that you would not even look at a YouTube video, when others probably are.......meaning you can't even grasp what a ****ing fool you look like right now. Damn, you really are the biggest clown of this whole site.

Never heard of Ukic, never heard of are obviously about 12 years old.
I posted facts. Indisputable, black-and-white, facts. There's absolutely nothing "trollish" about my post. I presented to you facts and you resort to name-calling. I don't need to look at f***ing Youtube highlight videos. You could make almost any professional basketball player in the world, event he scrubbiest of the scrubs, look like a stud in a highlight video.

Please, refute my facts with something other then irrational insults. You say I'm 12 years old and the only way you know how to argue, when someone attempts to engage in a mature argument with you, is with name-calling and insults.
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