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Default Re: The Lakers Are Looking For A Free Agent PG - They Should Sign Theo Papaloukas

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Yes, he is considered the Magic Johnson of Euroleague. You are a ****ing IDIOT that knows NOTHING ABOUT BASKETBALL.

This has been established ages ago.

Ricky Rubio, who you look up his Euroleague numbers you ****ing stupid bastard.

My god, the level of ****ing idiocy in this forum is beyond belief. You mofos are beyond pathetic. No way has any of you ever played basketball.
I don't worship Ricky Rubio. To be honest I don't give a shit about Ricky Rubio. I just know you blatantly embellish how bad Rubio was in Euroleague to fit your "Euroleague >>>> NBA agenda."

And I did look up Rubio's Euroleague stats. He began his Euroleague career at 16 years old. So you'll have to excuse me if I'm not going to get too upset about a f**ing 16 year old not putting up great numbers in that league. His numbers would've been even worse in the NBA at 16 years old. Actually, that's not true, because he'd never get a chance to even sniff an NBA roster at 16 or 17 years old.

Papaloukas began his career at 24 years old, and played what was considered his athletic prime in the Euroleague, and peaked as with 10 PPG, 5 APG, and 2 SPG. I will give him credit for his ridiculous 2P FG percentages, though.
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