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Default It's really crazy to think about how long Jason Kidd, Kobe, Garnett...

have been playing in the league. Jason Kidd was drafted in 1994. I was 10 years old back then. 10!! I have an 18 year old cousin who was born in October of '94. He wasn't even born when Jason Kidd was drafted and now my cousin is a senior in high school and going to start college next fall and Jason Kidd is still playing in the NBA. I mean Bill Clinton was still only in his first term as president when Kidd was drafted. Back then no one had even heard of DVDs. Barely anyone knew what the internet was or had it. And Kobe was drafted in '96. I was 12 years old! And not only is he still playing but it's pretty amazing that he's playing at such a high level.

Holy sh*t.
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