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Default Does Blake Griffin have GOAT potential?

In your opinion does Blake Griffin have the potential to become a top 5 GOAT power forward?

I came across this statement in another thread with CF86, who claimed Griffin has top 5 GOAT potential, i had never heard this claim before and seeing as CF86 follows the Clip show as much as he does maybe there is some merit to that statement.

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86

Blake is already a top 5 PF and has the potential to be a top 5 PF EVER. Sure the combined 3 players you're proposing may give a bit more now but if Blake becomes next in line to the Barkley's and Malone's which it's looking like...

just wondering if this is a popular thought or if it's a stretch in most people's opinions,

For me, i think Griffin does have amazing potential, but do I think he can become better or as good as Tim Dunca, KG, Barkley, Malone, or even Mchale/Dirk that, that i'm not sure.

IMO we haven't seen enough of Griffin as "da man" on a team to declare that he has the potential to become as good as some of the players mentioned before. Also, defensively, i just can't see him ever surpassing guys like TD or KG, however he is still young so i shouldnt rule that out entirely.

Maybe i'm wrong though.

So what you ya'll think? If you don't think Griffin has the potential to be a top 5 GOAT power forward, please explain why the best that you can, same goes for if you do think he has that potential.

CF86 i'd love to hear your opinion on this since it was your statement that inspired this thread & i never really got around to asking you why you thought that was so

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