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Default The Lakers Are Looking For A Free Agent PG - They Should Sign Theo Papaloukas

Since it's being widely reported that the Los Angeles Lakers are looking for a free agent PG, they should sign the best free agent point guard that is available, Theo Papaloukas.

Papaloukas is a big guard and knows how to tun the triangle offense, so he would fit perfectly with the team once they probably eventually have to grovel to Phil Jackson to bring him back.

Papaloukas is a free agent, and is still looking for a team this season. His asking price in Europe is said to be what would be like a $1 million NBA contract, so he would not cost that much for the Lakers.

He has been staying in shape because he has been training and practicing with the Greek club Peristeri the whole season. The Lakers have wanted to sign Papaloukas in the past.

The only issue with Papaloukas is his fear of flying, like Royce White. That is why he didn't ever play in the NBA, because NBA teams would demand him to fly a lot. Back then, he could not deal with that.

But from what I understand, he has gotten the problem under control recently. So he should be able to handle it now.

The Lakers should grab him. I mean if Pablo Prigioni can make the Knicks rotation, a full 3 years after he was considered a has been in Euroleague, then certainly Papaloukas could play for the Lakers. As even last season he was still very effective when he played.

The Lakers should jump on it, because Papaloukas won't wait around very long to sign with a team, once the Euroleague Top 16 starts.

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