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Default Re: How is Tony Parker not the best PG in the game?

I usually like the PG's like Paul and D Will the most. Because they are great floor general-dime droppers first BUT can will a team to victory and become alpha dogs. I put Parker more in the group with Rose and Westbrook. And that is pure alpha dog type scorers who happen to play PG. In other words Tony is more of a scoring PG or some would go so far to say a combo guard. Though I prefer to say lead guard who can really ring up the points and is a very good passer. But Tony, Rose, or Westbrook aren't that TOTAL PACKAGE PG in terms of balancing great scoring and great floor generalship-passing.

Rondo is more of the Stockton, Kidd, Mo Cheeks, Mark Jackson style of PG. But Rondo is doing the J Kidd triple double act at 6'1, which is unheard of. But in any event u have three style of PG's who can all be great players. U have the Paul-DWill model, the Rose-Parker-Westbrook model, and the Rondo model. In all three groups, u have guys who project to HOF status. On certain teams either on the three kinds of PG's can be a better fit for that particular team. Even though I think Paul and D Will (like Magic, Big O, Isiah, Payton, peak Nash, Frazier, Tiny) can adapt to any situation.

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